Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paper aeroplanes

(amazing photos by my dear friend Matic)

Long time no see. So many news but let me just point out the most important ones :) I came back from Finland where i spent one month on student's exchange and it was amazing. I met so many new friends that I'll never forget and we will met again, for sure! What's new also is that I'm in my last 6th year of study and soon gonna be a real dentist...cannot say it in words who fast does time flies.
I also cut 25 cm of my long long hair and didn't regret it not for a second. My head is so much lighter now and I don't have to worry of getting strangled by my on hair while sleeping anymore. The most important news is I have met someone really amazing while in Finland and even though I never believed in long distance relationships I'm willing to try this time because he really is special!