Monday, April 2, 2012

Take a breath

Have you ever caught yourself hurrying from one place to another and not even realizing it?  I'm always in a some kind of a hurry. I don't even remember what was so important that I had to almost run between places. I guess this is how lifestyle is made these days. To be always on our way, always going somewhere. Days passing by without us even realizing they were there. Sometimes I just stop myself, take a moment and ask myself where am I even going? What it's so important that I don't even remember it. Have you ever looked at your cat or dog, how peacefully they sleep in their bed not worrying about a thing, not rushing anywhere. I would love to change places with them for just a day, so I would see how life is when your biggest worry is where to poop :)

 I hate fully occupied days when everything is planned, when lunch is squeezed between classes  and studying and when there is no time even for phone calls. I know these days too well, every exam is the same story...month (or  more) of studying yet I'm still always a few days short. I hate everyday routine, when every morning is the same, when nothing can surprise me because I already cancelled all the fun stuff. I just hate it. So when nice and free times come I'm like a child. I would go everywhere and do everything. Sky is the limit for me :) I don't have many days like that so I appreciate them even more.



 I spent this free Sunday with my sister in my hometown, Novo mesto. When seeing it's beauties all over again I realized how lucky I am to live in a crowdy city through the week and coming home at weekends to this peaceful place.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. 
So take a breath and enjoy life!


This time I'm not wearing any fancy clothes, just my moms t-shirt from her childhood (I just love all her old stuff), harem pants I bought in Morocco last year and my sisters Allstar shoes. Simple as the Sunday was.
Life is a marathon, not a sprint...So don't rush things. Because anything worth having, is worth waiting for.



  1. Aaa ful lepo je tuki :) Pa čis se strinjam z napisanim :) ok je fajn met kšne take oddihe k ti ni treba nikamor hitet :)

  2. I am on the go all the time too.... But this is fun :) Nice photos dear :P

  3. Ej, ful lepo in resnično napisano. Jaz bi tudi za en dan bla pes. Oz. večkrat po en dan :D Včasih gledam naše pse in jim tak zavidam, da mi gre kar na jok zraven, heh.

    Lepe fotke!

    1. hehe,verjetno bi vsi malo zamenjali kdaj pa kdaj,čeprov pomoje ni tako zabavno početi vsak dan isto...nič :D

      hvala! :)